Compliance advice is about identifying potential risks and setting up adequate compliance mechanisms customised to your company’s organisation. Complying with legal provisions, guidelines and best practice rules is of key importance to your company in light of increasing regulation and harsh sanctions imposed by authorities worldwide.

We will advise you in relation to:

Antitrust Compliance, e.g. trainings regarding your employees’ contacts with competitors, how to behave during inspections by enforcement authorities, how to behave in trade association and other industry meetings, guidelines for benchmarking projects, how to behave vis-à-vis your suppliers and distributors.

Procurement Compliance, e.g. supporting your company in self-cleaning procedures in order to secure the participation in future tenders and advising government authorities in relation to the preparation and implementation of blacklisting measures.

MDB Compliance, e.g. advising and assisting your company in self-cleaning procedures in accordance with the standards set by multilateral development banks (e.g. World Bank Group Integrity Compliance Guidelines) with a view to lifting any sanctions. Furthermore, we act as World Bank admitted monitors and review compliance mechanisms of sanctioned companies.

Trade Compliance, i.e. advice in relation to compliance with international trade law – either in advisory matters or further down the line in case something went wrong and your company or employees are being investigated.

We can also advise you in relation to corruption and anti-bribery issues which sometimes come up in the context of breaches of public procurement or antitrust provisions.