DVNW forum


On 12 April 2019, the first DVNWforum of the German Public Procurement Network (DVNW) will take place in Berlin with a focus on “Public Procurement inof Health and Social Services”.

The event will focus on the interpretation of the German statutory exemption for services in the area of civil defence services provided by “non-profit organisations” in awards for rescue services, which is currently under review by the European Court of Justice (file no. C-465/17 Falck Rettungsdienste GmbH, Falck A/S vs. Stadt Solingen). BLOMSTEIN represents the applicant Falck in the proceedings. Pascal Friton will give a presentation at the event, which will conclude with a panel discussion and an open plenary session.

More information about the event and registration can be found here. In order to get a little sneak-preview, please read the interview (in German) on the pending proceedings with Pascal Friton and René M. Kieselmann, who represents the Red Cross Germany.

For further information please contact Pascal Friton.

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