BLOMSTEIN publishes second monitoring for the public procurement of architectural and planning services in Berlin


Together with the Berlin Chamber of Architects, BLOMSTEIN is promoting a more competition-friendly public procurement of architectural and planning services in Berlin.

The Berlin Chamber of Architects has been observing for some time now, that smaller and medium-sized architectural firms are systematically disadvantaged when it comes to awarding public contracts. Public contracting authorities in Berlin often choose procurement procedures that are not competition-friendly and set up barriers to market access, which are often too high for small and medium-sized firms. BLOMSTEIN is systematically monitoring public procurement procedures for architectural services in Berlin and examining them for deficits in the procurement process. The second annual report examines the procedures recorded in the past year and compares them with the results from the previous year.

The annual report is available at: 2022_JAHRESBERICHT_VERGABE-MONITORING_AKB.pdf

Dr. Pascal Friton and Moritz Schuchert were involved on our side. Many thanks to the Berlin Chamber of Architects for the constructive collaboration, in particular to Anja Kotlan, Michael Mackenrodt and Salomon Schindler, as well as the entire Competition and Public Procurement Chamber Committee.

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