Fresh From The Press: Global Suspension & Debarment Directory


The World Bank has published the first consultative resource on exclusion systems, giving insights about how different jurisdictions worldwide employ exclusion mechanisms to prevent certain suppliers from accessing public funds. “The Global Suspension & Debarment Directory” is based on the 2020 Global Suspension & Debarment Survey and the input of numerous experts. BLOMSTEIN Counsel Florian Wolf has contributed to the chapter on Germany.

The 2020 Global Suspension & Debarment Survey is a global survey that captured data and information on the exclusion systems of 23 different jurisdictions and institutions around the world. The responses in combination with the expertise of numerous private practitioners, government officials, and academics were used to create the Directory. As a result, the Directory summarizes each jurisdiction’s exclusion regime and includes references and links to the relevant laws and regulations.

The Directory has been initiated by Collin David Swan, Senior Counsel (Sanctions) at the World Bank Office of Suspension and Debarment and Vice-Chair at the IBA Debarment and Exclusions Subcommittee and supported by his Co-Chairs Juan Ronderos and Roland M. Stein and Vice-Chairs Paul Kearney, Simon Laliberté, and Sope Williams-Elegbe of the IBA’s Debarment and Exclusions Subcommittee. The Directory is free to download and can be read here.

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