Dr. Roland M. Stein
Dr. Roland M. Stein, LL.M. Eur.
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Vergaberecht
Partner, Public Procurement Law and International Trade Law
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E roland.stein@blomstein.com

Roland Stein specialises in public procurement law and international trade law, particularly in the fields of energy, general industry, infrastructure, IT and technology as well as in the defence and security sector. He assists his clients in Germany and abroad.

In the area of public procurement, he mostly advises bidders. He has considerable experience with regard to public procurement compliance (exclusions, debarments and self-cleaning). This includes advising on sanctions imposed by national authorities as well as by the World Bank and other multilateral development banks. In addition to that, he assists sanctioned companies in reviewing their compliance systems by acting as a World Bank admitted monitor.

Roland Stein also advises companies in all areas of international trade law, including customs law and excise taxes, export controls and sanctions law as well as WTO (particularly anti-dumping and safeguard measures) and general EU law. He furthermore guides his clients in market access strategies and assists in overcoming legal and political obstacles.

Roland is recognized as a leading public procurement lawyer since 2016 by Who’s Who Legal (Government Contracts) and was selected to the „Thought Leaders Global Elite 2019“ from Who’s Who Legal. Moreover, he is ranked among the best lawyers in the section of foreign trade and export control by kanzleimonitor.de (a survey of German in-house counsels) 2017/2018 and recommended by Who’s Who Legal Trade & Customs (2018).

Roland Stein is a member of the board of the Forum Contracting association, co-leader of the defence and security division of forum vergabe (Gesprächskreis Verteidigungs- und Sicherheitsvergaben), co-chair of the IBA subcommittee on debarments and exclusions, a coeditor of the journal Contracting und Recht and a coeditor of the public procurement law commentary from the publishing house Beck (Beck’scher Online-Kommentar zum Vergaberecht). He regularly gives speeches on international trade and public procurement law issues.

Roland Stein is admitted to the Bar in Germany (Rechtsanwalt).

Languages: German, Portuguese, English


Public Procurement Law

  • Advising the successful bidder consortium consisting of Kapsch TrafficCom AG and CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA in the public procurement procedure of the Federal Ministry of Transport regarding the collection of the car toll (project “ISA-Erhebung” – JUVE)
  • Advising and representing a European construction company in various procedures (ECJ and Higher Regional Courts in Düsseldorf and Berlin)
  • Regular advice to TenneT and other transmission system operators regarding various public procurement law questions and representation in a number of legal disputes
  • Advising the KfW with regard to various public procurement procedures
  • Advising the Senate Chancellery of the Federal State of Berlin on public procurement law and contract law issues regarding the organisation of Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2018
  • Advising an international manufacturer and other multinational companies on worldwide aspects of public procurement compliance

International Trade Law

  • Representation of Volkswagen AG in two customs law procedures of fundamental importance before the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof)
  • Advice to and representation of Infineon AG regarding international trade law issues
  • Representation of a trading company in a dispute with a main customs office on excise duties
  • Advising various industrial companies on export control and sanctions law concerning the supply of goods or the provision of services in connection with Russia, Iran, Ukraine, India and Israel


Roland Stein studied law at the Universities of Heidelberg and Leeds and earned his LL.M. Eur. at the University of Frankfurt, where he also wrote his doctoral thesis on an EU law topic. In his studies, he focused on EU law and public international law.

Before founding BLOMSTEIN, Roland Stein worked nearly ten years at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP in Berlin, in his last position as Counsel. He was seconded to the London office for six months and to two clients from the transport and industry sector. Before joining Freshfields, he had worked for one year as an associate at a law firm in Frankfurt.

Roland Stein is half German and half Brazilian and grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. He has close relationships to Brazilian law firms and regularly gives speeches on issues affecting Brazil and the EU.

Publications (International Trade Law)

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Publications (Public Procurement Law)

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Presentations (International Trade Law)

  • Co-organization of all previous (8) “Deutschen Energiesteuertage”, Berlin, as well as the latest 9th Energiesteuertag in November 2018
  • Die Rückkehr des Protektionismus in der internationalen Handelspolitik sowie rechtliche und tatsächliche Gegenmaßnahmen, ZfZ 2017, 135 (together with Florian Wolf)
  • “Einführung in das Energiesteuerrecht”, regular event of HZA Hamburger Zollakademie, Hamburg
  • Co-organisation of the event “Berliner Frühstück”, an open round table discussion on energy and excise tax law „Hot Topics“, Hamburg, 20 June 2018 and Munich, 2 October 2018
  • 6. Deutscher Energiesteuertag, Berlin, 4 December 2015, Panel „Aktuelle Gesetzesvorhaben“
  • Tagung des Forum Contracting e.V., Berlin, 9 June 2015, „Grundlagen Seminar: ‚Energie- und Stromsteuer‘“
  • Veranstaltung der HZA Hamburger Zollakademie, Hamburg, 29 April 2015, „Energiesteuern“
  • Intensiv-Seminar des Forum Contracting e.V., Berlin, 21 April 2015, „EEG-Direktvermarktung und Stromsteuer: Der BMF-Erlass vom 23. März 2015 und seine Konsequenzen“
  • Jahrestagung des Forum Contracting e.V., Frankfurt, 26 February 2015, „Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Energie- und Stromsteuerrecht – Ein Kurzüberblick im Telegrammstil“
  • 5. Deutscher Energiesteuertag, Berlin, 28 November 2014, Panel „Folgen von energiesteuerrechtlichen Compliance-Verstößen“
  • Veranstaltung der HZA Hamburger Zollakademie, Hamburg, 10 November 2014, „Energiesteuern“
  • Veranstaltung der HZA Hamburger Zollakademie, Hamburg, 13 Dezember 2013, „Energiesteuern“
  • 4. Deutscher Energiesteuertag, Berlin, 22 November 2013, Panel „Rechtsprechung der Finanzgerichte zur Energie- und Stromsteuer“
  • Forum Contracting Intensivseminar, Dortmund, 26 June 2012 und 11. Juni 2013, „Energie- und Stromsteuer – Basiswissen für Quereinsteiger“
  • 3. Deutscher Energiesteuertag, Berlin, 30 November 2012, Panel „A Regulatory Framework for energy intensive industries within the EU“
  • 2. Deutscher Energiesteuertag, Berlin, 25 November 2011, „Der Anlagenbegriff in der EnergieStV und der StromStV“
  • 1. Deutscher Energiesteuertag, Berlin, 28 November 2010, „Die energiesteuerrechtliche Außenprüfung“
  • Infotag AGFW – Fernwärmerecht – Antworten für die Zukunft, Berlin, 20 Oktober 2010, „Energiesteuerrecht: Papiergeschäfte und Subventionen – Was ist in Zukunft zu erwarten?“
  • Messe Essen, E-World 2010, Essen, 11 February 2010, „Contracting – Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und ihre Grenzen“
  • Bioenergy World Americas 2008, Salvador da Bahia, “Critérios de sustentabilidade para biocombustíveis”
  • Biofuels Markets Americas 2008, Buenos Aires, 9–10 September 2008, “Exporting Biofuels to Europe – customs, sustainability criteria, energy tax and biofuel quota issues“
  • World Biofuels Markets 2008, Brüssel, 12 March 2008, “Tax Exemptions and Biofuel Quotas in EU Member States: A Need for Harmonisation?”
  • Bioenergy World Europe 2008, Verona, 7-10 February 2008, “Import of Biofuels into the EU”

Presentations (Public Procurement Law)

  • “The CJEU’s Vossloh Case”, IBA 2019 Annual Conference, Seoul, South Korea, 24 September 2019
  • “Public-Private Partnerships and the Trump Administration: International Perspectives”, Government Procurement Law Program, George Washington University Law School, Washington DC, 20 February 2018
  • “EU Defence Procurement between Coordination and Protectionism”, International Procurement Developments in 2017, West Government Contracts Year in Review Conference, Washington DC, 20 February 2018 READ AS PDF
  • Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Berlin, 25 October 2017, “Competition and Public Procurement Law as a Tool in the Fight Against Corruption”, presentation to a delegation from Latin America (with Anna Huttenlauch and Hans-Joachim Prieß)
  • European Parliament, Luxembourg, 20 October 2017, Seminar on “Recent Developments in European Public Procurement and Case Law”
  • Panelist at the roundtable “The Times They Are Changing: Recent Trends and Developments in Suspension & Debarment”, The World Bank’s Fourth Suspension and Debarment Colloquium, Washington D.C., 14 September 2017
  • 12. Deutscher Vergaberechtstag, Berlin, 18 May 2017, “Workshop IT-Vergabe”
  • Veranstaltung des forum vergabe e.V.: Kartellrecht, Vergaberecht und Compliance, Berlin, 12 Oktober 2016, “Vergabe- und kartellrechtliche Compliance: Praktische Fallstricke” (with Anna Blume Huttenlauch)
  • Brennpunkt Vergaberecht, Düsseldorf, 8 November 2016, Workshop IT-Vergaben (with Marcus Zentes and Pascal Friton)
  • Nordic Public Procurement Forum, Copenhagen, 23/24 November 2016, “Hot Topic: IT Procurement”
  • EU Public Procurement Forum 2015, Brüssel, 22/23 September 2015, “Framework Agreements: Transparency and Competition issues”
  • Compliance Breakfast bei Tozzini Freire Rechtsanwälte, 24 March 2015, São Paulo, “Collateral Consequences – public procurement”
  • Vergaberechtseminar bei der Weltbank, 17/18 February 2015, Washington D.C., „World Bank – Suspension and debarment under Public Procurement Law“
  • Vortrag bei der George-Washington-University, 18 February 2015, Washington D.C., „A Transatlantic Introduction: The new Procurement Directives and trends within public procurement law in Europe“
  • Tagung Vergaberecht im Umbruch II der Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, 6 November 2014, „Mehr Regeln (und Ausnahmen): Die neue Konzessionsvergaberichtlinie“
  • VergabeFIT, forum vergabe e.V., Kassel, 25-27 June 2014, „Die Leistungsbeschreibung im deutschen Vergaberecht“
  • Veranstaltung des forum vergabe e.V., Düsseldorf, 4 December 2013, „Die neue EU-Konzessionsvergaberichtlinie“
  • EU Public Procurement Forum, Brüssel, 20 September 2012, „The EU Defence and Security Procurement Directive – Experience to Date“
  • EU Public Procurement Forum, Brüssel, 22 September 2011, „Concession contracts“