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Dr. Christopher Wolters
Dr. Christopher Wolters
Counsel, Public Procurement and International Trade Law

Christopher Wolters is a specialist in public procurement law, foreign trade law, and all legal aspects of national security.

Christopher advises both bidders and contracting authorities on all aspects of public procurement law. Christopher has particular experience in the field of public procurement litigation and compliance (exklusions and self-cleaning) as well as in the IT and healthcare sectors. His expertise in public procurement law is not limited to German public procurement law. He also regularly advises international development banks and European institutions on their respective public procurement law.

In foreign trade law, Christopher advises companies both in connection with matters of compliance and in investigations. The spectrum of his advice extends in particular to export control and sanctions law issues as well as foreign investment control. He has particular experience in advising on investigations in connection with suspicions of violations of foreign trade law and compliance with sanctions and export control law.

Christopher provides comprehensive advice on national security issues. In addition to the above-mentioned foreign trade law issues, he focuses on procurement projects of the German Armed Forces by way of direct awards or in the context of formal award procedures, including the associated contract negotiations and any legal protection proceedings. It does not matter whether the procurement is made from another state, jointly with other states or via a multinational procurement authority.

Christopher is admitted to practice law in Germany. He is a member of AIJA's Executive Committee.

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish


  • Advising Recare on many procurement procedures of digital platforms in the healthcare sector, including representation in review proceedings before the Higher Regional Court (OLG) of Karlsruhe regarding the exclusion from a public procurement procedure due to alleged violations of data protection law

  • Advising the Prosecutor General’s Office Frankfurt a.M. on the admissibility under public procurement law of commissioning banking house Scheich to sell crypto assets

  • Representing C.G. Haenel regarding the procurement of 120,000 assault rifles for the German Armed Forces, in particular representing the client in a review procedure before the Federal Public Procurement Chamber and the Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf

  • Advising German defence AI company Helsing on public procurement law matters

  • Public procurement law advice to FASTNED with regard to the establishment and operation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Germany

  • Advising Vodafone on public procurement law and representing the client in a public procurement review procedure

  • Advising US company Adtran regarding foreign direct investment aspects on the acquisition of Adva Optical

  • Advising German defence AI company Helsing regarding German foreign direct investment aspects on its Series A financing round

  • Supporting Lenze Operations GmbH on export control and sanctions management questions

  • Advising Knorr-Bremse on international trade matters

  • Advising multinational operating companies in the context of investigations by German authorities due to alleged violations of German and European export control and sanctions law

  • Advising various DAX and MDAX companies on EU sanctions compliance, particularly against Russia and Belarus, and representing them before the competent authorities


After graduating from high school and completing German compulsory military service, Christopher Wolters studied law at the universities of Tübingen, Lausanne and Münster. He subsequently wrote his doctoral thesis on international humanitarian law at Freie Universität Berlin, where he now holds a PhD (Dr. iur.). Christopher completed his legal traineeship (“Referendariat”) at the Higher Regional Court of Berlin during which he also worked for the Germany Embassy in Tehran.


  • Auswirkungen eines sanktionsrechtlichen Asset-Freeze in der Investitionskontrolle , ZASA 3/2024 (with Roland Stein)

  • Beschlagnahme eines Fahrzeugs wegen des versuchten Verstoßes gegen Russland-Sanktionen, Anmerkung zu LG Lübeck v. 26.09.2023 - 6 Qs 20/23, jurisPR-Compl 1/2024 (with Tobias Ackermann)

  • Anforderungen an die Dokumentation der vergaberechtlichen Preisprüfung, Anmerkung zu BKartA Bonn, Beschluss v. 06.06.2023 - VK 1 - 39/23, jurisPR-Compl 6/2023

  • Verwertung von virtuellen Währungen im Strafverfahren – Zulässigkeit sowie kapitalmarktrechtliche und vergaberechtliche Rahmenbedingungen, NZWiSt 7/2023, p. 246 (with Jana Ringwald, Carola Rathke, Anika Patz, Pascal Friton)

  • Software im Visier der Exportkontrolle – eine außenwirtschaftsrechtliche Black Box, AW-Prax 1/2023, p. 23 (with Laura Louca)

  • Voraussetzung für die Zulässigkeit einer von den Vorgaben des europäischen Vergaberechts abweichenden Regelung auf nationaler Ebene, Anmerkung zu EuGH Urteil vom 06.10.2021 – C-598/19, jurisPR-VergR 2/2022 (with Pascal Friton)

  • Germany chapter, in: Lexology Getting The Deal Through – Public Procurement, since 2022 (with Pascal Friton)

  • Unterlassungsanspruch bei rechtswidrigen Vergabesperren, Anmerkung zu BKartA Bonn, Beschluss vom 19.08.2020, VK 2-59/20, jurisPR-Compl 1/2021 (with Roland Stein)

  • Rechtsschutz gegen Vergabesperren, VergabeR 6/2020, p. 884 (with Benedikt Voss)

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  • Sauber, aber nicht ganz rein? – Vergaberechtliche Selbstreinigung bei Kartellrechtsverstößen, Anmerkung zu: VK Münster v. 25.04.2019 – VK 2-41/18, in: jurisPR-Compl 3/2019 Anm. 3 (with Roland Stein)

  • Vergaberechtliche Selbstreinigung bei Kartellrechtsverstößen, Anmerkung zu: EuGH 4. Kammer, Urt. v. 24.10.2018 – C-124/17, in jurisPR-Compl 2/2019 Anm. 2 (with Roland Stein)

  • Commentary on §§ 19, 20 and 30 VSVgV and § 11a VOB/A Section 3 (VOB/A-VS), in: Burgi/Dreher (eds.), Beck’scher Vergaberechtskommentar, 3rd ed. 2019 (with Pascal Friton)

  • Die Grundzüge des Wettbewerbsregisters, in: forum vergabe 2018 - Jahrbuch (with Pascal Friton)

  • Verbotswidriger Nachunternehmereinsatz kann zum Ausschluss bei einem späteren Vergabeverfahren führen, Anmerkung zu: VK Hessen, Beschl. v. 04.03.2018 – 69d-CK-25/2017, in jurisPR-Compl 4/2018 Anm. 3 (with Roland Stein)

  • Vergaberechtliche Selbstreinigung bei Kartellrechtsverstößen, Anmerkung zu: Generalanwalt Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona, Schlussanträge v. 16.05.2018 – C-124/17, in jurisPR-Compl 3/2018 Anm. 4 (with Roland Stein and Josefa Dengler)

  • The German Register of Competition and Its International Context, EPPPL 2/2018, p. 119 (with Pascal Friton)

  • Zur Rügeobliegenheit bei de facto–Vergaben, VergR – Zeitschrift für das gesamte Vergaberecht 2/2018, p. 106 (with Florian Wolf)

  • Das Gesetz zur Einführung eines Wettbewerbsregisters, KripoZ 4/2017, p. 244-252

  • Umfang der Kooperationspflicht bei der vergaberechtlichen Selbstreinigung, Anmerkung zu VK Südbayern, Beschl. v. 07.03.2017 – Z3-3-3194-1-45-11/16, jurisPR-Compl 2/2017 Anm. 1 (with Roland Stein)

  • Der territoriale Anwendungsbereich des Rechtes der nichtinternationalen bewaffneten Konflikte, Dissertation, 2018

  • Regular contributions to Literaturbrief of forum vergabe e.V. (2016-2023)


  • Chances and risks in joint defence procurement, DKF - European Network for Offset, Counter Trade and Industrial Participation 2024 spring conference, Berlin, 12 March 2024 (with Florian Wolf)

  • Moderation of the panel “Building (for) a brighter future: Strengthening resilience in infrastructure projects”, AIJA Half-Year Conference, Paris, 1 December 2023

  • Große Klappe – nichts dahinter: Praxis und neuere Entwicklungen bei den Ausschlussgründen, Workshop, 10. Deutscher Vergabetag, Berlin, 16 November 2023 (with Ramona Ader and Kai Schlesener, Deutsche Bahn)

  • Beschaffung und deren Beschleunigung: Sie dürfen mehr… als Sie glauben, DWT kompakt, Bonn, 8 November 2023

  • Beschleunigung der Beschaffung in der Bundeswehr ist das Gebot der Stunde – und das Vergaberecht der Hemmschuh?, DWT-Gespräche, Berlin, 26 October 2023

  • Moderation of the panel “Defense Procurement in the EU: Does it really differ that much?”, AIJA Public Procurement Law Seminar: Public Procurement – Trends and Future, Athens, 15 September 2023

  • The role of public procurement in facilitating access to healthcare, AIJA Half-Year May Conference, The Hague, 26 May 2023

  • The Foreign Subsidies Regulation – An instrument to create a resilient economy or protectionism?, CELIS NOW "The Age of Open Strategic Autonomy", Berlin, 12 May 2023

  • Kapazitätsaufbau mit Planungssicherheit – die vergaberechtliche Perspektive, BDSV Fördermitgliedertag, Berlin, 4 May 2023

  • AIJA International Arbitration Annual Conference & Public Procurement Law/Healthcare and Life Sciences Seminar, Berlin, 8 October 2022: Moderation of the panel “Litigation and arbitration as an obstacle for the procurement of healthcare products/services”

  • DWT - Marineworkshop “Nutzung in die Zukunft denken: Materielle Einsatzbereitschaft und Zukunftsfähigkeit der Flotte”, Linstow, 21 September 2022: Panel discussion “Zwei Juristen, eine Meinung?” (with Martin Conrads) and short presentation on “Marinebeschaffung unter dem Eindruck des Ukraine-Kriegs”

  • AIJA Half-Year May Conference “The Future of Mobility - Navigating a Revolution”, Gothenburg, 19 May 2022: “FDI in the Automotive Sector”

  • Defence and security division of forum vergabe e.V. (Gesprächskreis Verteidigungs- und Sicherheitsvergaben des forum vergabe e.V.) discussion on “100 Milliarden Sondervermögen - eine Herausforderung für die Vergabepraxis”, Berlin, 28 April 2022: “Art. 346 AEUV - neueste Entscheidungen der VK Bund und des OLG Düsseldorf”

  • 8. Deutscher Vergabetag (DVNW), Berlin, 4 November 2021: Workshop “Da geht noch mehr! Warum Verhandlungsverfahren oft falsch strukturiert werden und wie man sie am effektivsten nutzt” (with Josefa Dengler and Jakub Krumrey, ECB)

  • AIJA IPTMT and TRADE Annual Conference “Global perspective on IP and technology” / “The impact of tech on retail”, Porto, 8 October 2021: “Supplementary contractual clauses for public tenders” (Panel: “Retail Tech and Software (as Service) Contracts”)

  • DWT Tagung “Joint & Smart Procurement”, Bonn, 31 August 2021: Moderation of Panel 1 (Besondere Aspekte der Beschaffung im Bereich der Verteidigung und Sicherheit einschließlich Art. 346 AEUV) and 3 (Multinationale Programme (Besonderheiten des Programms, Einbindung Subunternehmer und KMUs, Rechtsschutz, PESCO/EDF, NATO))

  • Hamburger Vergabetag, 21 January 2021: “Workshop 3: Die Wahl der Verfahrensart und ihr Einfluss auf den Markt” (with Daniela Holzer-Barth, Hays and Dr. Christoph Schwabe, KfW)

  • AIJA Commissions Month, 10 November 2020: “Session on exclusions and debarments”

  • International Bar Association Conference, 4 November 2020: “The risk of exclusions and debarment in public procurement”

  • DWT Cyber Defence Conference 2019, Bonn, 10 December 2019: “Cyber-Security in der Beschaffung”

  • 6. Deutscher Vergabetag 2019, Berlin, 24/25 October 2019: “Cyber-Security in der Beschaffung” (with Roland Stein)

  • Nottingham Conference Global Revolution IX, Nottingham, 18 June 2019: “Cooperation in Defence and Security Procurement among EU Member States: Applicable Law and Legal Protection” (with Pascal Friton)

  • 4. IT-Vergabetag 2019, Berlin, 16 May 2019: “Totes Recht? – Plädoyer für eine Wiederbelebung der dynamischen Beschaffungssysteme und e-Auktionen” (with Florian Wolf and Eduardo Lucio Faccion)

  • IT-Konferenz 2018 by DWT – Informationstechnik im Kontext hybrider Bedrohungen, Bonn, 11/12 December 2018: “Der rechtliche Rahmen für Cyber-Security in Deutschland und Europa - Bestandsaufnahme und Bedeutung für Beschaffungsvorhaben” (with Roland Stein)

  • Aktuelle Rechtsprechung des EuGH, webinar for forum vergabe e.V. (with Roland Stein)

  • 5. Deutscher Vergabetag, Berlin, 25/26 October 2018: “Ex-Ante-Transparenzbekanntmachung – Chancen, Risiken, Rechtsschutz” (with Florian Wolf)

  • 3. IT-Vergabetag 2018, Berlin, 26 April 2018: “Compliance und Integrität in der IT-Beschaffung” (with Florian Wolf)

  • Global free trade? Limits on the Import of Goods and Capital, Słubice, Polen, 31 July 2017

  • Regular contributions to “Literaturbrief des forum vergabe e.V.”

  • Regular Lecturer on Export Control Law and Customs Debt in the Programme “Customs Specialists” (Hamburger Zollakademie) (2017-2022)