The “Greyhound Racing” in antitrust law – Business Journal WiWo recommends BLOMSTEIN antitrust team as one of the top German antitrust teams


The article “Hour of the Greyhounds“ published by German business journal WirtschaftsWoche (WiWo) describes the antitrust phenomenon of the so-called “Greyhound Racing” – antitrust lawyers racing against time.

Antitrust lawyers have to act fast when antitrust authorities are knocking on a company’s door investigating a suspicion of an antitrust violation. On the one hand, they have to rush as quickly as possible to the client to control the work of the authorities and to ensure the stay within their competences. On the other hand, they have to discuss the further procedure with their client – especially whether to apply for leniency to reduce the amount of a possible fine or to even avoid one. Comprehensive considerations in a short amount of time which are a decisive factor for whether several millions will have to be paid or not.

In the light of the above, the article refers to the “Handelsblatt-Ranking” of Germany’s most renowned antitrust lawyers 2019. The ranking recommends BLOMSTEIN partners Anna Huttenlauch and Max Klasse. Read more about the ranking here.

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