Webinar in Brazil: The Importance of Compliance Programs in World Bank Projects


Roland M. Stein was one of the speakers of the webinar: The Importance of Compliance Programs in World Bank Projects, hosted by the Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries (ABDIB) on 26 July 2021. The panel also had as key speaker Lisa Miller, Integrity Compliance Officer at The World Bank and as a mediator Thiago Jabor Pinheiro, partner at the Brazilian law firm Mattos Filho.

Roland and Lisa addressed:

  • the peculiarities of the World Bank’s compliance standards and assessment;

  • the benefits of adapting a company’s compliance program to the World Bank standards;

  • the key risks in participating in World Bank financed projects in Latin America;

  • the cross-debarment scheme; and

  • the international trend of having a compliance program as a mandatory obliga-tion for participating in public procurements.

For the full webinar, please watch here.

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