BLOMSTEIN in Brazil: regular column at Brazilian legal journal JOTA


Roland Stein and Bruno Galvão will be editing a column at the Brazilian legal journal JOTA. JOTA is a leading specialised legal journal in Brazil, with an average of one million readers each month.

The column named RegulaEuro will deal with compliance, regulation and competition in the EU.

Find below the articles published so far:

ESG and the role of compliance: The significance to Brazil/Europe commercial relationships and the importance of compliance
(Portuguese version here; English version here)

New German law on supply chain: How it will impact German companies and affect Brazil
(Portuguese version here; German version here)

CBAM – The world’s first carbon border tax will have great impact on Brazilian exporters
(Portuguese version here; English version here)

For further information please contact Roland Stein or Bruno Galvão. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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