LexGTDT: Foreign Investment Review 2021


The new edition of Lexology Getting the Deal Through: Foreign Investment Review has just been published and is now available in print and online. BLOMSTEIN partner Roland M. Stein and associate Leonard von Rummel co-authored the Germany chapter in this LexGTDT series for the third time.

LexGTDT: Foreign Investment Review offers a broad-ranging, multinational view of domestic governments’ powers to control and block foreign investment. It gives an expert local insight in 25 jurisdictions worldwide and covers an overview of law and policy towards oversight of foreign investment, explains procedure and assessment, discusses recent cases and summarises updates and trends. It provides an excellent legal reference and comparison tool for lawyers and in-house professionals on current market conditions and developments of the law. LexGTDT works with many renowned lawyers and law firms worldwide to bring together a unique legal information resource, written by experts in major jurisdictions.

BLOMSTEIN will continue to monitor and report on current developments of German and European Foreign Direct Investment Control. If you have questions about the potential impact on your company or sector, Roland M. Stein and Leonard von Rummel are more than happy to provide assistance.

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